Friday, January 7, 2011

Is online fundraising truly the wave of the future? Cogapp's Alex Morrison thinks so.

While conducting a search for information on museums using online fundraising to complement more traditional development approaches, I found this interesting SlideShare presentation by Alex Morrison Managing Director of Cogapp. From what I read on their website, Cogapp is a digital media consulting firm with offices in London and New York City. Based on their impressive client list, including The British Museum, The National Portrait Gallery in London, the National Archives in D.C., and one of my favorites The Cleveland Museum of Art, and the variety of projects described in their case studies, it appears Cogapp does have a wide ranging knowledge of digital media applications relating to museums.

In "Online Fundraising for Museums," Mr. Morrison includes some compelling statistics in support of his argument for elevating the presence and profile of online fundraising opportunities on your museum's website. At the end of his presentation, the SlideShare site suggests additional presentations on this topic available for immediate viewing.

Check out this presentation, and maybe one or two of the others and let me know what you think. Is this truly the future of fund raising, or just the proverbial flash in the pan?

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