Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Please excuse the holiday hiatus, I had it coming

Three weeks ago, after planning and preparing a Thanksgiving feast for thirteen at my home, only to turn around and find it was the first Sunday in Advent with less than 30 shopping days until Christmas and I was already exhausted, I decided to take a step back and enjoy the remainder of the holiday season, taking an unplanned, unannounced, and indefinite hiatus from being the Museoblogger.

Besides the shopping and the wrapping, I needed more time to handle the increased workload I was receiving from my clients, and I wanted to have the free time and energy at the end of each day to play with my children around the Christmas tree, time to see the season through their little eyes, full of wonder and anticipation, not resentment and frustration. I have spent my days working, and my evenings and weekends baking with family, visiting with friends, unhurriedly shopping for my loved ones, and truly feeling the joy we are supposed to experience in these pre-holidays.

I needed a break, to excuse myself from my weekly posting just long enough to catch up and breathe. I have, and now I am back.

In my absence, exciting things were happening in museum news, and I have been keeping up. However, these last three weeks I allowed myself to read, contemplate, form an opinion, and then move on to something else. Now, I am ready once again to comment and share my musings. My virtual pen is poised for the next museum-related posting coming very soon. In the mean time, a very happy holiday season to you all, and my best wishes for a prosperous new year.

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