Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Scifri Videos: Museum Artists Keep It Real

I am posting a link to another cool Science Friday video, but this one is specifically about museums.

During my tenure as Director of Exhibits at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, I was consistently impressed by the scientific reverence, technical skill, and imaginative artistry employed by our taxidermist, Larry Isard, a highly-acclaimed nature artist in his own right, and our exhibit artisan, Carl Jara, who is also an award-winning sand sculptor. Unfortunately, Larry passed away suddenly earlier this year, but his legacy will live on for years at the Museum. Carl is still busy at the Museum using his artistic ingenuity to interpret the natural world around him for museum visitors of all ages.

Click on the following link to check out the video paying tribute to the often overlooked art of the still-life diorama.

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