Monday, July 27, 2009

Eco-friendly favors-- building a better world, even at a baby shower

I was in charge of making the favors for my cousin's baby shower last Saturday. Instead of plastic baby tchotchkes that no one really needs, everyone received a reusable shopping bag and a yummy Kashi treat.
The handmade gift tags delivered the simple message I wanted to drive home, even small changes make a difference when we all do something. Every 3rd bag had a sticker on the tag, which meant the recipient could pick a "prize" from a grocery bag of earth-friendly items. They unwrapped the prize and read the accompanying tag to the group. Fun facts about how the item helped us go green were printed on each prize tag.

Eschewing images of starving polar bears, dying reefs, or animals choked with human trash, and doom and gloom climate predictions, I kept the facts fun and the message positive: each change makes a difference. Everyone said they liked it better than the old-fashioned, silly, baby shower games and plastic trinkets filled with soft mints. Plus, they all seemed eager to try and live a little greener, even snatching up the extra bags to put in their other family car.

Drop me an email if you would like to know more about the game, fun facts, or the products I chose to feature.

Keep our mother earth in mind the next time you are planning an event for your museum, or for friends and family. Most people will pleased by your efforts and happy to learn from your example.

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